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company history

A combination of insight, innovation, and integrity - Fore Premier Properties is a boutique full service real estate firm specializing in the marketing and sale of fine homes, as well as selected commercial, farm, and ranch properties in Kerrville and throughout the Texas Hill Country. 


Husband and wife partners, Laura and Micah Fore, founded Fore Premier Properties in august 2008 after realizing the need for a local independent real estate firm that specialized in luxury residential and ranch properties in the Texas Hill Country.

Starting with the company logo and their commitment to producing the highest quality marketing materials and personalized service in the business, the Fores were determined to create a unique brand image and stellar reputation that would redefine upscale real estate sales in Kerrville and surrounding areas.


From its inception, Laura and Micah have provided an ideal management blend, personally overseeing every aspect of their business.  By striving to be resourceful, responsive, and attentive to every client, agent, and staff member the Fores ensured needs were not only met, but expectations were exceeded in every way.  This philosophy of unparalleled, personalized service and dedication to excellence is shared by everyone at Fore Premier Properties.  It is a hallmark of the company and a key to its success.

With the publication and distribution of Fore Premier Properties' exclusive Premier magazine, the company's reputation for outstanding marketing was firmly cemented and the Fores began work on establishing their headquarters in the heart of historic, downtown Kerrville.  Ideally situated near the intersection of Water and Earl Garrett streets and originally built as a bank, complete with vaults, 804 Water Street is one of the most unique office buildings in Kerrville.  To date, the firm has expanded four times to meet its double-digit annual growth.

Fore Premier Properties Office

Insisting on maintaining a boutique feel to the company, Laura has been extremely selective about the agents she has welcomed to join the firm.  Along with a host of other criteria, she insists on hiring only agents and staff who share their philosophy and dedication to integrity and professionalism.  

Although Laura intends to always remain an active agent, she also enjoys mentoring her colleagues, utilizing state of the art technology and continual training to keep updated on the latest innovations in real estate marketing.  Helping her associates further their knowledge and careers gives Laura as much of a thrill as selling multi-million dollar estates.  By fostering an encouraging and supportive environment, the Fores have ensured everyone at Fore Premier Properties are among the most experienced, knowledgeable, and productive professionals in the business. It is this excitement and love of real estate, marketing, and mentoring in the real estate community that inspires Laura and Micah to continue growing and solidifying Fore Premier Properties' reputation as the premier real estate company in the Texas Hill Country.

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