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Johnson City, TX

Welcome to Johnson City

A presidential hometown of renowned history, dramatic natural beauty, time-honored traditions and creative innovations. The headwaters of the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail, Johnson City has few stoplights... ​but a lot a charm.

Johnson City is known as the crossroads of the Texas Hill Country. It was the hometown of President Lyndon Johnson and was founded by his uncle, James Polk Johnson. For generations, the spirit of exploration, self-discovery, adventure, and opportunity has brought residents and visitors to Johnson City. ​Flowing over and around huge slabs of limestone, the Pedernales River can be turbulent. But most often, it is tranquil and a great place to relax and recharge. 

We at Fore Premier Properties heartily welcome you as you explore Johnson City. From helping you find the perfect home, ranch, or commercial investment - we’ve got you covered on all things Johnson City real estate related.

Explore everything Johnson City has to offer. Contact us and let us be your guide or use our property search tool.

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